What is Secret?

Generative Scribing by Zaka (2021)

I made scribing for gesturing my feeling about the shifting of crypted data and information into undefined intention. We called it (yesterday) as secret.

The form of interconnected world now lead to perfection, especially on a definition of secrecy. The definition that affected people who have intention in looking wider and deeper connection from the context. It is not mostly about skill how to trace and infiltrate. The interconnection in digital era were primary intention to build the digital world itself. So, with that intention, the emerging pattern were become the strongest stream that can be read and map in each level of factuality.

Emerge the pattern

The way to harvest the emerging pattern is also being part of how secrecy definition becoming to shift. Secrecy now, is not a boundary that disrupt visibilities. In lens of systems, secrecy is a dance of articular rhythmic. The dance from slice of intention to preserve in the source. The source that attached with inter-connected or collective knowledge.

Setting the moment

Moment always be built intentionally by slice of pattern, data,and respond. A moment is never becoming unknown, because there’re must be stakeholder attached on it. Secrecy of the moment held if it covered by intention. Intention could be traced by breaking down the pattern, data, and respond of the stakeholder. So secrecy, in term for tied off a moment to becoming unknown, is always could be traced.


Secret should be reveal as “tool” for preserve potention from being disrupted by unconditionally pattern. To searching and bonding natural pattern is a “natural processed” in this social engineering era. The power of preservation is on how stakeholder of the systems, or the “objective’s maker”, could blend in collective constant. Collective constant defined the string of consciousness, or we can called it, conscience.



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